Dave's Weekly Training Challenge

Hey branch managers, here is this week’s Training Challenge to help you train your loan officers to win with Realtors and homebuyers in this market. 

My recent interview with Nicole Rueth is special because she is up 4.5% over $390M last year, and her core strategy is creating content and helping borrowers build wealth with real estate. And, how she’s using Mortgage Coach to teach buydown strategies is precisely what all your loan officers should be doing with realtors and buyers.

Watch: “Helping Listing Agents and Buyers Agents Sell More Homes,” with Nicole Rueth (it’s only 18 minutes!)

  • In this interview, hear Nicole discuss how she is turning 2-1 seller buydowns into a competitive advantage.
  • See the 4 options she uses in a 2-1 seller buydown TCA, including how she uses the ARM option.
  • Hear Nicole explain why education is the key pillar of her strategy, and how she uses video to drive educational content that can help close more sales with real estate agents.

Call to Action: Have your loan officers watch this video. Then in a sales meeting, practice doing 2-1 seller buydowns in TCAs with and without ARM options. Next, develop a video-based social media strategy to help educate your target audience and share how you can close more sales with 2-1 seller buydowns.

At the end of the week, did adopting Nicole’s strategies help your loan officers close at least one new sale.