Jeremy Forcier’s Top Two Loan Now Strategies

Hey branch managers, I have a training challenge to help you train your loan officers to win at least a few extra Realtor meetings and improve their advice skills to become a Mortgage Coach black belt faster.

Here Is the Challenge:

1. Watch “Top 2 Loan NOW Strategies,” with Jeremy Forcier.

2. Listen as Jeremy discusses the huge opportunity some homeowners are missing right now and who the prime candidates are for right-sizing their homes given all the new equity they gained over the past two years.

3. Learn how to help Realtors get listings with this strategy.

4. Hear Jeremy’s script for presenting the opportunity to Realtors and homeowners and watch as he walks through his Right Size Your Home TCA presentation.

Call to Action: Have your loan officers practice building Right-Sizing Your Home TCAs in sales meetings and reciting their script out loud.

At the end of the week, did adopting Jeremy’s top 2 loan now strategies help your loan officers get extra Realtor meetings?

Let me know your team’s results!

Here’s the video: